6 Tips to be super productive, but not busy!

We all want to feel productive! 

You want to know that what you do matters. 

You want to believe that your energy input is going towards something meaningful or that which will produce desired results.

However, often what happens instead, is that we are busy… but not always productive! 

My client mentioned this in our Life Transformation Group Coaching session recently. He said its been an interesting time during lockdown. On the one hand, he feels that time has stood still and been super slow, and yet he looks back over these past 3 months and wonders what he did!

It’s such a big challenge for so many people! 

So often the day flies by, and you think to yourself… what have I actually done?

Now, I’m not staying you need to add more to your day to be productive. I’m saying how can you have short periods of time when you are super productive, get things done, and then spend the rest of your day enjoying your free time without feeling guilty?

How can you be productive…. but not busy? 

Here are 6 simple rules I live by & share with my clients… 

#1 Stop Multitasking

Doing too many things at once is NOT being productive! It’s just spreading your self – and your attention – in too many directions. You might feel like you are the queen/king of multitasking, but some studies show that when multitasking, you are lowering your productivity rate by 40%! 

Think of the last time you were watching TV, talking to your children & answering a Whatsapp message at the same time. Or the last time you were replying emails, scrolling through Facebook and having a chat to your partner at the same time. 
Do you remember what they said on TV, or what you were writing in your email? Do you think your children or partner felt like they were heard and had your full attention? 

By multitasking, you are not doing anyone any favours.
Including yourself! 

Be present instead

When you do ONE thing at a time, you are focused. It takes you less time, you do it properly without making any mistakes, and you are fully present, so you are mindful and aware. 
Also, other people feel your attention and presence – even if you are talking to them on the phone and they can’t see you… they can feel it! 
Do one thing, and do it properly! 

#2 Stop Procrastinating 

Procrastinating is the enemy of productivity! 

How many times do you put things off until right at the last minute and then spend the night before a deadline having to stay up until all hours? The more you procrastinate or talk yourself out of it, the more you drain your energy.

Be pro-active instead

Set yourself deadlines (even if you break down your big project into mini-deadlines) and stick to them. Once your task or project is done, think of how good you are going to feel during your free time!

How can you give yourself REALISTIC dates and deadlines?
How can you do less ‘arb’ activities so you can focus on what needs to get done instead? 
I promise, once that big project (or whatever it is that you are procrastinating about) is complete, you will feel so much lighter, happier and have new-found freedom.

#3 Stop Planning 

Planning is a good thing. Over-planning is not!

Sometimes we can get so caught up in planning or overthinking, but then never have the time or energy to take action. 

Take action instead 

If you are a planning type… then yes, by all means, create your spreadsheet or vision board. But select a specific time for planning so that you are clear on the tasks ahead… and then make sure you do those tasks! 
Taking action is being productive; over-planning is just a way to feel busy where you think you are ‘productive’.
There is a difference!

#4 Stop Scrolling 

When on social media, or watching TV, are you just randomly scrolling? 

It’s easy to get sucked into the black vortex of the digital world. Think how time quickly disappears when you are scrolling on your phone, getting lost in YouTube videos, or flicking through the channels on TV! 
Then you tell people you don’t have time to exercise or meditate because you are too busy.
What you are saying is that your priority is not yourself, your health or wellbeing… it’s wasting time on a screen.

Have a mission instead 

Social media and screen time is not all negative! You can learn incredible tools on YouTube, you can discover surprising insights from the inspiring influencers you follow, and you can relax by watching a movie. I’m not saying you don’t ever do these things… but when you do, have a mission! 

If you are on social media to get inspiration, then go to your favourite pages, learn what you need to, and get off.
A one pointed, focused mission.
If you want to watch a movie, download it, watch it, and then get off your computer or TV.
If you want to research about a topic, set yourself 20min, go onto YouTube or Google, discover what you set out to learn, and then leave. 

You can test yourself – look at your screen time on your phone each week. See if your screen time reduces when you are not spending your time randomly scrolling.
Ideally, work your way down to 3hrs a day of screen time or less. 

#5 Stop Feeling Guilty 

Once you have stopped procrastinating, you have decided to prioritize yourself and to live your best life, you have taken action, and you have done one task at a time. You have finished what you set out to do… you now have all the time in the world just to be…. make sure you get to enjoy this time without feeling guilty! 

You have done the work. You have achieved what you set out to do. You can now spend as much time as you wish to be out in nature, go for a walk on the beach or a run in the forest, or have a bubble bath at home.

When we put high expectations on ourselves and others, we add to many tasks to our day and think we can achieve them all. Why would you do this to yourself?
Do less, plan less activities, say no… so you can then say yes to you and see what wonderful opportunities present themselves. 

If you put less pressure on yourself, you will feel less guilty.

Give yourself permission instead

When you give yourself permission and time ‘just to be’, to spend time in nature and lost in your thoughts… that’s where the magic happens. 
That’s when the answers come.
That’s when you tap into your internal wisdom and into Source.
That’s when you realize; you don’t have to be striving and working so hard because when you ‘do’ less and ‘be’ more, you get more insights during this time.

You know that the real ‘work’ is indeed done during your meditation, yoga and energy activation sessions. Then you finally give yourself permission to use the healing tools you have so you can be productive rather than busy.

#6 Stop Trying to Do It On Your Own 

If you are starting a new project, activity, or even a new business, don’t try to do it all on your own! One of the best things I have done for myself – as well as my business – is to involve experts whenever I am going through life or business transformation. Experts allow you to unblock what is stopping you from moving forward, or ask you the right questions to get you inspired. It’s challenging enough going through transformation (big or small), but you don’t have to do it alone!

Work with a coach instead

If you are too busy even to think about how to be more productive in a positive way, you need a coach.
If you want to be super productive but feel that you are stuck, uninspired or don’t know where to start, you need a coach.
If you know what is holding you back but don’t know how to get over your limiting beliefs, you need a coach.
If you want to STRESS LESS & LIVE MORE, you need ME as your coach!

Do you wish to:
• Have less stress in your life and create healthy habits;
• Feel healthy and happy in your body;
• Leave your corporate job and start your own business;
• Find yourself again after a break-up or divorce;
• Build, launch & grow personal brand as a wellness professional?

If you wish to transform any area of your life – your HEALTH, LIFESTYLE HABITS, WORK, RELATIONSHIPS or ABUNDANCE and create more joy, balance and freedom in your life – lets chat!

Book a 30min Clarity Call with me and during this time we can figure out what you need going forward – and how I can support you – so you can be productive, take action and also have time to ‘just be’ and live your best life.

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