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The burnt out yogi: my story

I have been there. I have suffered burnout and been to rock bottom. I have seen and felt the results of what happens when we push ourselves too far, and when we are in a place of constant stress – whether mental, emotional or physical. I WAS THE BURNED-OUT YOGI This is my story… In…

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4 Yoga lifestyle tips to help you deal with stress
Life is stressful! The key is to keep stress manageable – the happier you are, the more you laugh, the longer you will live. When life is stressful re-discover tools...
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3 life lessons learned from a day of silence
It’s still... It’s quiet... It’s dark... Today is a day of reflection, of self-introspection and of giving thanks. It’s a day of silence, fasting and meditation. Today is a day...
Dancer pose-Sharni Quinn blog image
Why struggle through Life when you can Dance?​
I felt like I had been punched in the stomach by the Universe! You know that feeling? That feeling of being knocked sideways. ‘Why does Life feel so hard’? That...
blog photo-My story
My life-changing burnout recovery journey
Burnout can manifest in various ways. It is different for everyone. Some people land up with stomach ulcers, depression, even autoimmune disease, but in the end, we all have something...
Vinyasa gift-blog pic
A gift for you as a vinyasa yogini – Yoga Video
An observation I have made with some of my clients in my past 12 years of teaching, as well as what I have recognized in myself, is that we like...
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How to live a balanced life
How to follow the sun but live by the moon. Following your sun but living by the moon is essentially about living a balanced life. This means that you need...