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An observation I have made with some of my clients in my past 12 years of teaching, as well as what I have recognized in myself, is that we like to push! As striving to be Superwomen, that is what we do. We work harder, we push our bodies to the limit, we celebrate our strength and we aim to reach the perfect looking yoga posture.

However, where does the gentleness, the softness or the vulnerability come in? Somewhere along the way, while we have been reaching for perfection, we have forgotten about the balance – especially if we are only doing Power Yoga or strong Vinyasa classes.

Often when we push too hard, this is when we become injured. Or if we are always striving, we forget to breathe and our body pays the price.

Remember that your yoga is not a performance, it is a gift.

What is the biggest gift you can give to yourself as a Vinyasa Yoga or Power Yoga Yogini?

…to soften

You may think this is being lazy, or you are checking out and won’t be working hard enough. There is a time in Life when adrenaline, drive and strength is needed… but it is not all the time!

It is amazing what happens in your body when you add a little Yin energy. Everything seems to come back into balance.

*** A suggestion*** Try this for a week:
Soften 25% in your postures (or in Life), and notice what happens… you can breathe, your body relaxes and opens up and perhaps you may even go further in your postures because you are not so rigid.

Have a look at this video. Here I show you the difference of pushing hard – and what that looks like and how it feels. Compared to when I soften 25%. You can see the difference!

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.”

– Saint Francis de Sales –

Lots of love

Your Life Transformation Angel


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