How to cope with anxiety when life is toomuchery

Life is not easy. Especially during these challenging times! Are you dealing with anxiety? Does it feel overwhelming?

How can you cope when life is too much?

One of the ways I cope when I am feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious is through my book club.

Over the past 13 years, our fabulous group of eight women have seen each other through… marriage; divorce; the dating scene; babies; moving countries; losing jobs; starting businesses; travel highs; and life’s lows… oh and we have chatted about a few books along the way too!

When I felt incredibly vulnerable, anxious and emotional recently, I received this little video on our WhatsApp group chat… 

I watched it and cried. 

Anything at that stage probably would have made me cry, especially the video’s child-like innocence. What a simple and beautiful message! 

I shared the video (by @brandmontague and his children) to my Facebook group and had so many women sharing, viewing and commenting… so I decided to add to it and write a blog about how to cope with anxiety when life gets toomuchery!

When you look at life and toomuchery abounds – do the following:

1) Pause, listen to your breath and the way that it sounds

Taking long deep breaths is one way to calm things down and feel less stressed. It is free, and it only takes a few seconds. When life feels too overwhelming, take a moment to BREATH deeply. I promise it will clear your head and bring you back to some sort of balance.

2) Reach out to people 

As I mentioned, my book club girls have been my lifesavers. With which group of women are you closely connected? Can you meet up in person or at least have a regular video call? If not, make sure you are at least receiving WhatsApp messages or Facebook group inspiration from other women, so you can see and understand what everyone else is going through too. It’s such a relief when you realize that it’s not just you who feels anxiety and the stress of too much!

3) Get on your Yoga mat

Go to a Yin Yoga class or do it at home. Even Vinyasa Yoga has been too much for my nervous system recently – so I have been going to Yin Yoga with sound healing, Yoga Therapy, and Restorative Yoga sessions. It has been heavenly and exactly what my body and soul needed. To find out more about my online yoga sessions and many other incredible teachers classes – visit us at Yoga Barn Online

4) Do an Astrology reading

When you know what is happening in your ‘stars’ for the year, you have a kind of roadmap that you can work with and plan around. It’s like using a weather app before planning an outdoor event, or a wave app to check the swell before a surf session. Doing a reading WILL NOT be able to predict your future, but it will give you more of an understanding of the cycles you are currently going through and what is happening globally.

5) Be kind to yourself

If it’s a full moon or your period week or you are dealing with extreme emotional circumstances – be kind and gentle on yourself. As women, it’s our default to keep on pushing through and having to ‘keep-it-all-together’ but if you don’t give yourself time to rest along the way you will fall apart, and stress or anxiety will take over. Take time for a bath, massage, or even stop for two minutes and drink a cup of tea in the garden.

6) Switch off technology

Having a technology detox might be your biggest challenge because, in today’s world, we need to be online to do almost everything – shopping, connecting to loved ones, working, booking or planning etc. But being attached to a device all day that is sending you negative vibes affects your body’s natural system and increases your stress levels. Take some time in during the day or night to switch off the wifi and disconnect from technology.

7) Stay away from the news

One way to feel like life is getting too much is by listening to the news. Now I am not saying don’t be abreast of what is currently going on in the world. What I am saying, is don’t have the news on 24/7. There is not much positivity happening in the news! If you wish to raise your vibrations and increase your energy, stay away from too much harmful exposure.

8) Eat properly

Junk comfort food is not going to make you feel any better! Eating food heavy in sugar is just going to spike your energy levels and dumb you right down again. Not ideal! Rather eat comforting, warm, nourishing food – such as curry, soup, warm home-cooked healing foods.

9) Get plenty of sleep

If you are sleep deprived, the world will feel like it’s getting too much or coming to an end. Do what you need to do to get rest and enough sleep to function. Everybody is different, but if you wish to stay in tune with nature’s cycles, then aim to be asleep by 10 pm.

10) Make changes in your life

If your current situation is causing anxiety or stress to your body, mind, emotions and whole central nervous system… then it’s time to change the situation! Life is too short to be in toxic and unhealthy spaces, relationships, jobs or situations. Maybe you can’t change your situation right now, but at least have an exit strategy and a plan to move forward in a healthy, positive and uplifting way. Your health and wellbeing are far too precious to jeopardize. Don’t justify it. Be brave and make those changes that deep down, you know will be best for you and everyone else in the situation.


Absurd times call for absurd amounts of love!

Yes love and support others, but most importantly remember to love and take care of yourself!

Much love and light to you


Ps. If you need any support, I am here for you!
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