How to live a balanced life

How to follow the sun but live by the moon

Following your sun but living by the moon is essentially about living a balanced life. This means that you need the sun and the moon. When you are in balance, you can’t have one without the other. When we are out of balance though, we often tend to be focusing too much on the ‘pushing’, hard working, sun energy.

In this blog I describe what happened to me when I was living a life focusing only on ‘following the sun’, what living by the moon means and ultimately what you can do to get back into balance!

What happened to me when I wasn’t living a balanced life?

You may know of my life transformation story I went through in 2010. Which started when I had found myself at rock bottom.

I had suffered through two years of emotional trauma due to living with a newly diagnosed Bipolar husband and went through my own personal breakdown and emotional burnout. Plus, then faced a heart breaking and devastating divorce.

This when I needed to change my life and save my soul. I packed up everything and embarked on my personal journey to ‘Follow the Sun.’

9 months of sunshine through India, Bali and Australia! Time to pursue my three passions: Yoga, beach and travel. It was a journey to find my inner light and rewrite my story.

Read more about my story here.

I am forever grateful that I had the courage and took the plunge. I followed my heart, listened to my gut, took the time to heal and embarked on my ‘Follow the Sun’ journey.

Over the next 7 years of my life – while back home in Cape Town – I dedicated my life to my yoga & coaching business, Follow the Sun. The name inspired by my own personal journey. My passion was focused on inspiring other women to ‘create their own sunshine’.

During these 7 years I achieved the following:

  • Built up two wellness companies.
  • Managed 20 Yoga Angels & 10 Life Coaching Angels.
  • Oversaw teams running the business in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
  • Created and facilitated a 9-month Corporate Wellness Program.
  • Taught more than 6500 yoga classes.
  • Offered private Life Coaching sessions to women.
  • Wrote and published my book and memoir of my ‘Follow the Sun’ Journey.
  • Gave motivational talks.
  • Planned, organized, ‘tour-guided’ and facilitated more than 15 Women’s Wellness Retreats world-wide.
  • Was the yoga expert for Natural Medicine Magazine writing monthly articles for 2 years.
  • The Wellness Warehouse Ambassador and Earth Addict Clothing Ambassador.
  • Volunteer at the Earthchild Project – teaching yoga to the township children for 5 years.

I was the ultimate Superwoman!

I was saving and inspiring the world and doing it all on my own with that, “I got this attitude”!

According to the outside world, I was an inspiration! They saw me as a successful entrepreneurial, travelling yogi.

Yet, what happens to all us Superwoman, is that the wheels started falling off.

Even though I was doing my daily meditation practice, regular yoga sessions, eating healthily and in theory living the yogic lifestyle. I wasn’t in all honesty living a balance life.

I knew that I felt exhausted, depleted, dizzy, anxious and I was living with major amounts of stress. This is ironic, seen as I was teaching everyone else how to de-stress their own lives. But, to be honest, I thought that I was immune to any disease. I was always blessed to have had a strong, healthy body that I relied on. Also, I knew that I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t let people down. I thought I was their sunshine and their light. Furthermore, since my divorce I had decided I was never going to rely on anyone else and I would build my Empire on my own. Yes, I did it with the help of my supportive Follow the Sun Angels, but essentially it was me taking on the responsibility and shouldering the stress.

I loved what I did but I was doing too much of it! I was giving my entire life force to everyone else. Our bodies are amazing machines. Yet, we can only live with constant stress for so long. So, my body started showing the signs. I was in yang energy, go-go-go energy for too long.

In my quest to inspire the world, I forgot one fundamental rule of the Universe.

There is a rhythm, flow and balance to life…. and we cannot control it!

Life is about the cycles, the ebbs and flows, yin and yang… and the sun AND the moon. I was so busy putting my message out into the world – so much in that masculine, sun, Yang energy… that I forgot there is another side. The balance, is the gentle feminine, lunar, Yin energy – I was so busy following the sun that I forgot to live by the moon!

What does Follow the Sun actually mean?

  • To Follow the Sun means to find what brings you the greatest joy and to continue to nurture that feeling. It is about following your source, purpose or your intuition.
  • Making decisions every day based on what inspires you and makes your heart sing.
  • Allowing yourself to do what serves you, is far from frivolous or self-indulgent. Although, a dose of that is sometimes what we all need! Sometimes it can be challenging to define what following the sun means to you. To stay focused on that path sometimes requires enormous strength.
  • Living a radiant life! When you follow a path that is fulfilling and fun, it allows you to contribute your personal gifts to the world.

Living a life that you love can bring you much joy, happiness and inspiration. But, if you are in constant ‘doing’ and ‘achieving’ mode – even if this achieving is for the ‘greater good’ – you can still burn out. This is because you are not honouring all the ‘seasons’ and cycles of Life.

There is a reason for winter. I never believed it. I didn’t want to. After dealing with major trauma, I decided that I could keep on chasing the sunshine. I believed I could live a life of constant summer and happiness. Yet, we all need some time in our life to hibernate. A time to go inward, to rest, to recharge, to be vulnerable, gentle on ourselves, and to feel each one of our emotions.

The Yin Yang Theory is one of the most fundamental concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is based on an idea of living in harmony with natural laws. This not only reflects in our outside world but in our own human body as well. When Yin Yang is in balance in our body and relating in harmony, we have no symptoms, illnesses or dis-ease. But, when they are out of balance, this is the time when we feel it! Headaches, sore throat, irritability, low energy, insomnia, stomach issues – these are all signs that your Yin Yang is out of balance.

All 14 systems in our body get affected when our Qi or Life Force is out of balance. Including our nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system and reproductive system.

What takes you out of balance?

The biggest factor is stress!

The more stress we digest and take in, the more symptoms you start to notice. Thus, you know that you are out of balance. This could be physical stress, emotional or mental stress. When we are putting too much pressure on ourselves to ‘perform’ we are in constant Yang energy and so we take ourselves out of balance and eventually it results in illness such as burnout… as it did for me.

How can you live by the moon?

It is important for your soul’s growth to follow your passion and making a positive impact on the world. But, it is also as important to remember to balance out that yang energy with a little yin!

How to balance with Yin energy?

  • Connect back with nature – take some time out to be in nature and notice the small ways in which life flows.
  • Remember to have some ‘winter’ down time as well as ‘summer’ energizing time.
  • Honour the cycles. When it is full moon or your menstruation cycle, cut back on your work load. Say no to others, yes to yourself (for a change), put your feet up, enjoy a hot cacao drink and some pampering time.
  • Connect with the big picture. Go for an astrology reading or discover your numerology month and year. By doing this you will have a bigger understanding on when is a good time to engage with the world and when is a good time to go more inward.
  • Stop trying to push or be in control! Allow life to flow as it needs to.
  • Do what you love, love what you do and live on purpose.

There is a divine timing for everything so remember to have faith and trust the process.

As part of me trusting the process and listening to my inner wisdom, intuition and following my sunshine… I knew when it was time to let go of my business Follow the Sun.

Its was initially a sad decision, and something extremely difficult of which to let go. Especially after all the years of nurturing and building. Yet, I believed, and felt in my heart, that it was time! Time to hand over to someone who would give it wings and continue to make it fly. Also, I had an enlightening moment when I attended a ‘Discover your Spiritual Gifts’ workshop in Bali. Here I learned that my gift is knowledge… gathering and sharing knowledge, as well as nurturing and encouraging others. Running a retreat centre and owning a business was actually 4th LAST on my list. I was also told by one of my healers that I am on the right track by being in the yoga and Life Coaching industry – and I am living my purpose. However the business of yoga was burning me out. I can still do what I love and love what I do, but I mustn’t get too involved with the business side. Instead, I have now chosen to let go of what drains my energy (managing people and trying to create an Empire), and use my gifts to share knowledge, nurture and encourage others instead.

Something else I have learned on this journey of getting back into balance…

There is nothing in life that stays the same. Life is always changing, and the more we try to resist, the more difficult it becomes.

Once I made the decision I felt so light, free and happy. It was clearly the right decision. Now Follow the Sun – the business – can continue to grow, expand and change women’s lives. And, I will still be involved with Follow the Sun Retreats by facilitating many retreats all over the world. However, by not running the business anymore, I now have more time and freedom on my hands. I will be living a balanced life, plus I will be able to inspire you to follow your own sunshine AND assist you to live by the moon as well. Thereby, I can support you to bring more Yin to your Yang and inspire you to Stress Less & Live More! I am passionate about assisting you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. This is where I coach you to redesign all 5 major areas of your life through my 10 Week Life Transformation Program.

I believe that there is always a bigger purpose in life. Part of that purpose is also to stay in touch and in flow. We can’t ignore the cycles of nature. We need the sun and the moon to be in our life. Summer and Winter. Darkness and light. Not only one.

Remember that…

“the dance between darkness and light will always remain – the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and stars”

– C. Joybell C


Your Life Transformation Angel

Sharni Quinn


PS. If you feel like you are not quite living your best, balanced life then take this quiz to see where you may be on the Stress Less, Live More Scale.

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  1. Katie on at 11:00 am

    It’s the end of the year and I’m ready to take the burnout quiz (know I’m pretty burnt out already) and change my lifestyle for the better in 2019! Thank you for creating this for women like me.

    • Sharni on at 7:53 am

      Great Katie! It is my pleasure:) Yeah, taking the Quiz can put a few things into perspective. Also, once you take the Quiz you will receive an email with my eBook – Stress Less. Live More – where I give detailed descriptions on all the 12 Stages of Burnout for Superwomen. The eBook is full of value and insights from all the teachers, gurus and healers I met along my travels while on my burnout recovery journey this year. Hopefully there is something in there to support your lifestyle changes for 2019… so perfect timing to be taking the Quiz. Sending you much love and light xxx