The inside scoop of BaliSpirit Festival 2019

Have you ever been to a yoga festival?

If you have, you would know they are all about yoga, music, good healthy food, like-minded-spiritually-inclined-conscious people, earth-friendly environment, and incredible teachers offering workshops, talks, classes and sharing their knowledge over one weekend in a gorgeous location.

Now, have you ever been to the BaliSpirit Festival?

Well… that is just the next level!

Set amongst the picturesque rice-fields of Ubud, this 7 day, 8 night, yoga, music and dance festival attracts around between 5000 – 7000 people from around the world and more than 200 presenters each year. There is a wide range of events to choose from over a full 8am-11pm day – such as interactive workshops and seminars, healing sessions, yoga classes, a children’s activity zone, live music, ecstatic dance, cocoa ceremonies, music concerts and DJ’s.

Here is the inside scoop – and my experience – of all the magical sections that made up BaliSpirit Fest 2019

The Yoga Zone

There are many gorgeous-outdoor-Bali-style yoga locations to choose from! With 6 different yoga spaces and world-class international as well as local Balinese teachers you certainly have an opportunity to explore classes from Long Slow Deep Stretch to Partner yoga, to Dynamic Yoga to Yin Yoga and everything in between!

The Chill Out Zone

This is the spot to rest, recover and chill out. There are people reading books (yes books! Not Tablets or Kindle or their phones… but actual books), other people flying each other while Acro jamming, others chatting, and some even taking a snooze on the comfy bean bags. It’s the perfect spot to recover from loads of yoga sessions but still be in the vibe of the festival.

The Flow Zone

Want to try something different? Fly High Yoga is hugely popular in Bali, and the festival has created space for you to hang upside down, flow and fly. There are two sections – one at the Flow Zone where you can gaze at the upside down palm trees while you hang in silk slings. And the other in the official Fly High Yoga section using straps to support you for liftoff.

The Massage Zone

Absolute heaven! Head to the Fresh Spa and pamper yourself to a back, neck and shoulder massage to ease your body after all the Chaturangas. Or treat yourself to a balancing reflexology foot massage to relax your feet after all the evening dancing! I got a free massage when trying out a tester of the Paramao, miracle root oil. Wow! Powerful stuff and perfect after a long, stimulating day of yoga.

The Shopping Zone

To be honest, I try and avoid this area… but I can never stay away for too long! If you require yoga essentials (and even if you don’t), you will find yourself walking away with extra mala beads, jewellery, yoga clothes, calm-inducing sprays and all sorts of paraphernalia that you all of a sudden can’t live without! It’s fabulous to have Bali’s best yoga products in one place and to be able to chat to the vendors and find out about the products and their healing qualities – such as the Aum Rudraksha Mala Beads and the crystal infused healing Balipura Auric Sprays.

The Food Zone

All my favourite restaurants in Ubud now in one area! Thank goodness there is yoga at this festival so I could justify all the yummy food I ate! From Kafe to Zest, to Ubud Raw Chocolate and even ‘Mr Rice Guy’ – there is such a massive selection of delicious, healthy food & drinks. Plus, the Food Zone surrounds the Coco Love stage, so you get to listen to relaxing and inspiring music while you eat.

The Healing Zone

If you are needing a break from yogaing for a bit and want to explore other healing modalities, then try out the Healing Zone. Here many world-renowned healers gather to offer their services from tarot reading to reiki, to past life regression, and deep healing hypnosis.

The Workshop Zone

Wanting to gain more clarity in your Life? Do you need to discover how to detox and heal from adrenal fatigue? Are you feeling inspired to learn more about the art of self-compassion? There are many workshops to explore, gain clarity and gather knowledge on all subjects around holistic health and healing.

The Music & Dance Zone

From super chilled, to yoga-inspired-hip hop, to traditional Balinese shows to more dancey DJ tunes… the music at BaliSpirit Fest is world class and clearly a large part of the celebration! Put your dancing shoes on (or dance barefoot, which is more Ubud’s style), shake your body and lighten up with the incredible high-vibes that are played throughout the day and well into the evening. If you only want to come for the evening shows and music events, then you can buy a separate music pass for only IDR 400 000. It’s well worth it and a fantastic way to end off a magical day at BaliSpirit Fest.

I look forward to seeing you at BaliSpiritfest 2020!

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