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How can Wellness Business Coaching help you?

Doing a few Wellness Business Coaching sessions can help you get direction, gain clarity and know which steps to take so you don't have to do it all on your own or do it the 'hard way!

I don't know where I would be without my various business coaches and their wisdom, knowledge, and experience over the years!

When exploring Wellness Business Coaching, you have someone to bounce off ideas - this is great if you are in business on your own!

Plus, if you have a coach who has experience in your field, they will understand the highs and lows that you may feel. It's essential to relate and resonate with your coach... and visa versa. They need to get you too!

A business coach is invaluable if you feel stressed, stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, or need support to move forward in your wellness business.

Perhaps you have just finished a Training and are wondering "what now"? Or, maybe you have years of experience teaching yoga, coaching clients, or offering various workshops, but would rather now work smart and in a way that is less demanding on your time?

Believe me, I did it the long and hard way!
Through my own experiences and industry knowledge, I can save you much money, time and energy along your journey towards creating a scalable, sustainable and successful business!

I have almost 15 years of professional and personal experience in the Wellness industry, as well as 20 years under my belt with regards to branding, marketing and building several of my own businesses.

Over the years, I have coached and mentored many clients through transformation in their lives and supported them to build, launch and grow their wellness business and soul-aligned brand.

If you are looking to work less & thrive more in your BUSINESS... I would love to empower you along the way!

By coaching with me, I can help you transform the following...



  • Transition from the '9-5' world to building your own scalable, sustainable & successful wellness business... and be your own BOSS!
  • Get super clear on what you do & how you do it.
  • Discovering your unique message and method of transformation that you offer your clients.
  • Support in how to create a soul-aligned brand look and feel for your business.
  • Take your wellness business online and create passive income.
  • Learn how to create online courses with the amazing content you have already been sharing.
  • The know-how on how to build, launch and grow your business organically and via paid avenues.
  • Want to know simple strategies and marketing tools to set you up for success.
  • Build your business in more of a feminine, gentle and intuitive way.
  • Give yourself more freedom and balance by building a scalable, sustainable & successful business!

It's time to work less & thrive more... while you make a positive impact on the world!

I offer a free 30-minute 'Strategy Call' consultation to wellness professionals who want to bring more freedom to their life, build their wellness brand and wish to work with me.

It's an excellent way for us to find out a bit more about each other, chat about what you're hoping to achieve and see if we are a good coaching fit together.

If you are interested in working with me, I have various packages for you.

These packages are either a:

• A package of 4x 90min Sessions over one month;
• A package of 12x 90min Sessions over three months;
• Or a package of 24x 90min Sessions over six months.

All sessions are done via Zoom online to connect with me wherever you are in the world! However, if you are in Bali, we can also do your sessions face-to-face while sipping on a fresh young coconut:)

See below for package details.

Book a FREE 30 minute call now!

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