Wellness Business


What are the Wellness Business Success online courses about?

Empowering you to authentically and consciously build, launch and grow your soul-based business and brand

  • Are you a wellness professional who feels overwhelmed by the business and tech stuff?
  • Do you want to create a successful business but not know where to start?
  • Do you NOT want to be on your phone and computer all the time, but rather want a successful business AND have a life as well?

Too often, wellness professionals are burning out or spreading yourself too thin because you are a giver and want to serve the world. Or perhaps you wish to share what you are passionate about with the world but don't know where to start or how to turn that into a profitable business.

If you are a wellness professional or a soul-based business who is looking to have a life AND a successful wellness brand, then know you can have both!

However, you need to know the steps on how to build your brand so that it is scalable, sustainable AND successful.

In this series of online courses, you will learn tried and tested tools so that you can build, launch and grow your wellness business in an authentic and conscious way. This course shares simple and effective ways to get clear on your message, how to share your message with the world, how to create authentic success... plus LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE while you do it!

How they will help me?

These courses will help you:

  • Stand out in a possibly over saturated wellness industry;
  • Get clear on your Why, What, Who & How and you message;
  • Create simple and effective product offerings that your audience need;
  • Reach more people without draining your time & energy;
  • Build a Tribe and connected community client base rather than just increasing your following with random numbers;
  • How to launch your online products and programs successfully
  • How to run Retreats successfully
  • Have a life while you build a successful brand and business.

This course won't teach you:

  • To build a 6 figure business where you are killing yourself working all of the time;
  • The tiny details on how to become an Instagram Influencer with millions of unengaged followers;
  • To build a template brand and be someone that you are not.
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What is included in the courses?

Get clear on your message, mission and business plan 

Setting up a business psychology & mindset strategy for success.Without a PLAN you will spend a lot more money, time and energy trying to figure out what you do and how to do it.

In this course, get clear on how to move forward by discovering…
• The WHY of your business
• WHO is your ideal customer
• WHAT niche you are focusing on and if it is profitable
• HOW you will support your clients through your products and offerings

Also, discover if you wish to be a personal brand, business, or sell products for other brands. Learn about the pros and cons of each and what would work best for you, your offerings and your clients.

Share your brand in a conscious and sustainable way

There is no point having an incredible idea and a wonderful service if the world does not know about you!

In this course learn…
• How to build a successful online presence without having to be glued to your phone or computer all of the time.
• Strategies to inspire and empower others and to be a conscious influencer
• Simple tools and templates for you to just plug in your content

Everything you need to know about launching your Online Course, Program or Retreat

Doing an online launch for your products or services is an incredible way to be visible and create a feeling of trust for your ideal customer, as well as increase sales!

In this course, learn…
• The step-by-step process for online launch success
• Our tried and tested Law of Attraction Launch Formula
• How to build the know, trust & like factor with your audience and get in more sales
• How to increase your income through creating a professional launch

Discover the secrets to running successful, scalable & sustainable Retreats

Running Retreats is definitely one of the best ways to do what you love, connect with your clients AND generate major income while doing so!

In this course, learn…
• The planning formula for before, during and after your retreat
• Ways to sell out your retreat with little stress
• Inside secrets on how to make your retreat super successful so that your clients wish to come back for more!
• How to build retreats that are scalable and sustainable (so you don’t burn out)


Happy thoughts from Jeannie - Children's Yoga Teacher Trainer & therapist

Jeannie shares how the thought of getting her yoga online created such anxiety!
This program and working with Sharni was, in her words, "the best thing that has ever happened to me"!

It's your time to shine!

If you don't quite know what the next step is, or where to go from here, then let me guide you through the step-by-step process in this course.

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I am Sharni Quinn, and I have spent many years in the branding and marketing industry (in my 'previous life') and the past 13 years in the wellness industry while starting up, running & branding my own several businesses.

I have done the hard work, research, studying and many hours working with my own business & branding coaches, for you. I have also taken many of my clients through this step-by-step process. I helped them to feel more confident, clear and empowered to communicate their message to many and make a difference in the world.

Now, all you have to do is go through this course, follow the steps, plug in your content (all that amazing workshop work that you have been building, or the ideas you have), and then be able to work less & inspire more!