Why struggle through Life when you can Dance?​

I felt like I had been punched in the stomach by the Universe!

You know that feeling?

That feeling of being knocked sideways.
‘Why does Life feel so hard’?
That feeling when nothing seems to flow, and you feel like you are stuck – trudging through mud – because you are off your path and heading in the ‘wrong’ direction for your Soul.

Not again! Not after last year.

I don’t think I can take another blow.

The Universe doesn’t give me nudges anymore, or gentle taps on my shoulder.
When I’m meant to be in one direction and start heading in another, nowadays I get annihilated.
I suppose that comes with conscious living? Once you know how to be true to yourself… there just isn’t another option.

Have you ever had a decision to make – knowing what the answer is that will keep you on your path, and yet it’s not always the ‘easy’ option, so you delay making the decision?

Or you don’t want to hurt others so you make the choice that you ‘should’ be making not the one that lights up your heart?

This was me a few weeks ago…
I felt that familiar anxiety and tightness in my chest.
I felt the dizziness set in.
I felt my Life Force being drained from my being.
I felt sick to my stomach with what had just happened!

The Universe decided to give me a message that I was veering off my path.
It sent me a message where it hurts me most – my wallet!
R107 000 taken out of my bank account. Boom! Yip, fraud.
Now I could be jumping up and down about how unfair it is, about how useless the bank is (and believe me I will be fighting with them as they are only paying 1/3rd of it back), and about how I feel violated…

Instead, I look at it for what it is… time for me to live the life I have always dreamed about without feeling guilty!

10 years ago it took me two long, draining years to listen to those messages from my body and Soul.
Now I pick up on the signs much quicker.
This time it only took me 5 days!

When Life seems ‘hard’ ask yourself these 3 questions…
• What is going on in your Life?
• Where are you not being true to you?
• How are you not living your best Life?

My answer was (which we always know the ‘right’ answer for us deep down inside)… GET BACK TO BALI!

However, I did have help coming to that realisation.
As soon as the fraud happened and I realised I was ‘off track’ I called on my Earth Angels: My coach, my Angel Card Reader, My Naturopath.
They all said the same thing…
What are you still doing in Cape Town?
Get back to your place of ‘retreat’.

As soon as I made the decision to make Bali my home permanently…
everything started to flow again.

I started booking new coaching clients, money began to appear in my bank account and all the stress and anxiety released from my body. Literally within the next day!

How long do you live with that stress before making the decision to choose your best Life?

Believe me, once you decide to follow your dreams – and take the leap to do work that you are passionate about, live in a place that lights up your Soul or love yourself enough to not be in toxic relationships – everything will fall into place.

You deserve a full and happy life!
And the Universe supports that.

I write this post after just arriving in my new home country and ‘happy place’.

I’ve been resisting living in paradise for many years.
Why do we do that to ourselves?.
We resist change, fear the unknown, and struggle against our own truth.
And yet… when we move to our own rhythm and we trust the beat inside of us… we end up dancing through Life.

Listen to your intuition, follow your dreams, jump and your best Life will appear!

Why struggle through Life when you can Dance?

Sending you lots of love

Your Life Transformation Angel

Sharni Quinn


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