Stress less, live more... and live your best life!

Have you ever wondered "How on earth did I get here? Why isn't life quite like I imagined it would be at this stage of my life? This was never part of my plan!"

Have you ever felt like you have dropped a ball, missed an opportunity, been too tired to stay on-top-of-the-game, while everyone else on social media seems like they are rocking it?

What does it feel like to find yourself at the 'other' side of 35 only to discover that life hasn't worked out as you expected it would! Or even if it has... it feels empty, or you feel unfulfilled.

Well, this is that defining moment in life when you get to say "THIS ISN'T WORKING FOR ME ANY MORE!" and then take the steps towards what DOES work for you.. what DOES light you up... and what DOES make your heart sing!

We were not put on this earth just to be surviving from one exhausting draining moment to the next. It's time to turn things around and REDESIGN YOUR LIFE into what YOU want it to be. When you do that, you become a better human, daughter, friend, partner, mother, boss, leader and a more balanced, powerful and inspiring woman.

Sharni Quinn Stress Less Live More Online Masterclass

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Sharni Quinn - Stress Less & Live More

Hi, I'm Sharni Quinn

I'm an international Wellness Consultant & Coach, Motivational Speaker, Retreat facilitator and your Life Transformation Angel.

I can show you the strategy to stress less & live more and guide you to living your best life (you are not too old to start)!

I've developed the REDESIGN YOUR LIFE Program - which combines my 20 years of personal and professional experience - into a powerful and transformational experience for you! So, no matter what transformation you may be going through, I can support you on your journey.

Join me to radically redesign the five major areas of your life - Lifestyle Habits, Health, Work, Relationships and Abundance.

My Life Coaching sessions, REDESIGN YOUR LIFE Online Program, and International Retreats have supported hundreds of women worldwide to empower themselves and make radical shifts in their lives for the better... see what they can do for you.


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Happy Clients

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"Working with Sharni has been life changing for me! I now know what I want for myself at this stage of my life, and know how to make better decisions going forward. It's been such a gift to slow down and focus on myself."
- Sarah Wilson, South Africa -

Hailey Jade

"Sharni's Program has been a game changer for me! It's designed for any woman who could use a 'level up' in life. I highly recommend Sharni's Coaching, mentoring, as well as her REDESIGN YOUR LIFE Program! I can truly say that it's made a great difference to my state of mind and my perspective."
- Hailey Jade, Australia -

How can you transform your life?

Perhaps, you want to feel healthier and less stressed?
Maybe, you have lost yourself in a toxic relationship, breakup or divorce and want to let go of the past and discover your passions again?
Possibly, you wish to love your work and do what is meaningful to you?
Maybe, you want to create more time, energy and abundance in your life, so you have more to give to your loved ones?

With regards to your health, relationship or career - are you feeling... “I don’t want my life to look like this, feel like this or be like this anymore"?

Through my Life Coaching Sessions, REDESIGN YOUR LIFE Online Program, and International Retreats... I can guide you to live your best life (and for you to figure out what that means exactly for YOU)!

I know how you feel, because I have been there!

Through 20 years of personal and professional experience, working in the Women's & Corporate Wellness Industry as a Life Coach and International Yoga Teacher, facilitating worldwide retreats, being an author and speaker, plus having gone through my own burnout and adrenal fatigue... and back to being healthy again through natural healing...

I can promise you... that there is another way!

Everything in your life is a reflection of the choices that you have made.

Your life is Your story!

You get to choose how it is written

Stress less and live more...
work less and thrive more...
do less and relax more...
plan less and play more...
think less and feel more...
micromanage less and let go more...
yang less and yin more!


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