Sharni Quinn

Wellness Consultant

I'm your Life Transformation Angel

I am a wellness consultant, international Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, author and speaker, who empowers individuals to bring more Yin to their Yang so they can stress less, live more and live their best life!

“Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being yourself.” - Dr Wayne Dyer

I am an authority on the subject of Wellbeing through natural healing, and especially on the subject of life transformation - because, not only have I worked in the industry since 2007 as a yoga teacher, purpose-focused life coach, writer and wellness business owner, but I have also been there myself!
I have been to rock bottom, I have suffered through the chronic fatigue, the anxiousness, the burnout, and the feeling of not knowing how to get out of the darkness and step back into my light.


Because of my personal experiences, the complete embodiment of what I teach, my professional knowledge, and learning from the many teachers, gurus and healers on my worldwide travels… I have recognized the patterns, and now have developed the '5 Step Path to Living Yinly' to give you the tools to slow down, tune in, let go and wake up!

My vision... and mission...

I believe that every human is meant to shine, to live their best life and to share their light… without burning out & losing themselves in the process!

My vision, therefore, is to empower anyone who is feeling stuck or unhappy to reconnect with the magic of nature, reconnect with others, but most importantly reconnect with themselves!




2007: 200hr Sivananda Hatha Yoga TTC at the Haum of Yoga (South Africa)
2010: 50hr Flow Yoga - Twee Merrigan (Sydney)
2018: 100hr 5 Elemental Yoga - Inner Pathways TTC (Yoga Barn, Bali)
2019: 100hr Yin Yoga - Yin Culture TTC (Gili Meno, Bali)

2006: 2-year Metaphysics training with Colleen-Joy-Page
2015: Qualified as an international InnerLifeSkills® Life Coach
2016: Enneagram Coach

1999: 3-year AAA Graphic Design Diploma
2018: Build Your Brand Online - 6 month Program
2018: The Profitable Yoga Teacher Program

2014-2015: Professional Speakers Academy

2000: Teacher of Modern Dancing - International Dance Teachers Association
2018: Reiki - Shamanic Reiki Level 1
2018: Thai Yoga Massage - Inner Pathways TTC
2018: Chinese Medicine - Inner Pathways TTC


In her 'previous life' Sharni worked in branding and advertising and ran her own graphic design studio. Since then she has started and run 4 wellness companies.

Over the past 12 years Sharni has taught more than 6 500 yoga classes, focusing on private, corporate and small group yoga sessions. Sharni loves sharing her message to many by teaching yoga and speaking or facilitating at various international yoga & 'conscious living' festivals around the globe.

Sharni has organized, planned, arranged and facilitated many international 'Women Well-being' Retreats over the past 6 years. Then, successfully sold her retreat business - Follow the Sun Retreats - in 2018.

She also created the Healthy Habits for Busy People 9-month Corporate Wellness Program, facilitating workshops for corporate executives in Johannessburg and Cape Town.

With a love for wellness writing, Sharni has been featured in international magazines as well as being the South African contributor for the international Inspirational Women Magazine. For two years she was a monthly contributor and the yoga & wellness expert for the Natural Medicine Magazine.
In 2014 she self-published her book and personal memoir Follow the Sun.

Speaking at women’s wellness events is one of her passions. She speaks to audiences from 30-900 people at various events on subjects ranging from women’s health, to stress management and self-care.

Yoga classes taught
International Womens Retreats organized and facilitated
Years I have been a business owner
Amount of times I've had major burntout

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of somebody else. ” - Judy Garland


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