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The burnt out yogi: my story

I have been there. I have suffered burnout and been to rock bottom. I have seen and felt the results of what happens when we push ourselves too far, and when we are in a place of constant stress – whether mental, emotional or physical. I WAS THE BURNED-OUT YOGI This is my story… In…

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Why I don't buy into Black Friday_blog pic
Why I don’t buy into Black Friday and tips on how you can survive the weekend!
Yes, this is a busy time of year... especially with the craziness that comes with Black Friday! No, I don't buy into consumerism (especially after living on a tiny island...
Top Retreat Location in Bali
It was the golden hour, almost sunset time. I walked into Bali Luxury Villas, a secret haven from the bustle of Canggu in Bali, and my breath was literally taken...
Living Yinly_Step1_Let Go
5 Step Path to Living Yinly
When someone asks you how you are... have you ever replied with "I am so busy"? In the past, I know I have. It's just become the norm, right? Everyone...
Where are you on the Burnout to Bliss Barometer scale?
Where are you on the Burnout to Bliss Barometer scale?
Have you ever been totally wiped out that you couldn’t get out of bed? Have you ever had such extreme chronic fatigue that just by standing up you feel like...
Creative Yoga branding shoot in Ubud Bali shot by Jacki Bruniquel
It’s your time to Shine – Free Meditation Audio
Every moment in your life has made you who you are! From here, today, you get to choose your story. If your life hasn’t worked out as planned, or if...
Pampering blog photo
6 Nurturing wellness destinations for a solo pampering holiday
Is it time for a break for a solo pampering holiday? Is it time to escape the stress of everyday life to pamper and nurture you? Every now and again,...