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The burnt out yogi: my story

I have been there. I have suffered burnout and been to rock bottom. I have seen and felt the results of what happens when we push ourselves too far, and when we are in a place of constant stress – whether mental, emotional or physical. I WAS THE BURNED-OUT YOGI This is my story… In…

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5 Podcast Episodes by Wonderful Women_Sharni Quinn Blog image
5 Podcast Episodes by Wonderful Women
We have recently been celebrating Women's Month here in South Africa. I decided to honour some incredible ladies making waves in the Podcast world - both locally and worldwide. Here...
10 Top tips for visiting beautiful Bali post the Pandemic
Bali is paradise. But some things have changed, especially after the Pandemic. After visiting the island since 2010, running Women’s Wellness Retreats each year from 2013 - 2018, and now...
How to cope with anxiety when life is toomuchery
Life is not easy. Especially during these challenging times! Are you dealing with anxiety? Does it feel overwhelming? How can you cope when life is too much? One of the ways...
North Bali Adventure Travel Blog - Cover image
9 Excellent Tips for a Relaxed North Bali Adventure
Read about our adventure for the latest Bali travel tips. "Let's go on a North Bali adventure Road Trip!" My partner has been up North & West of Bali before,...
simple tips to being super productive, not busy_blog image
6 Tips to be super productive, but not busy!
We all want to feel productive!  You want to know that what you do matters.  You want to believe that your energy input is going towards something meaningful or that...
Coronaphobia blog_image
Coronaphobia: How to overcome the fear of Coronavirus
16th March 2020 - The world is in a panic. In the past few days countries have been locked down, events are cancelled, schools are closed, the sports world has...