What is this Retreat Success online course about?

Supporting you to host successful, scalable & sustainable Retreats!

Running in-person Retreats is definitely one of the best ways to do what you love, connect with your clients AND generate major income while doing so!
In this course, learn…
  • The planning formula for BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your Retreat.
  • Tips to sell and market your Retreat.
  • Inside secrets on how to make your Retreat super successful so that your clients wish to come back for more!
  • How to build Retreats that are scalable and sustainable for you (so you don’t burn out).
  • Give you real live examples of what works and what doesn't.
  • Systems and strategies for success, plus spreadsheets and templates already created for you (and shared with you so you don't have to do that yourself from scratch!)
  • All the inside info on running a Retreat in Bali (including how NOT to get kicked out by immigration!)

How will this course help me?

This course will help you:

  • Get clear on how to STRUCTURE, PLAN and PRICE your Retreat.
  • Understand the logistics and what is needed behind-the scenes.
  • Market and sell your Retreat with simple, effective and tested tools.
  • To nurture your clients as well as support yourself and your team!
  • Create a Retreat that is SCALABLE.
  • Create a Retreat that is SUSTAINABLE.
Sharni Quinn Bali Yoga Retreat, Ubud

What is included in the course?

Discover the secrets to running successful, scalable & sustainable Retreats

In this course, learn…


  • The Benefits of offering Retreats
  • Tools to get clear on what your Retreat is about
  • Doing your research
  • How to STRUCTURE your Retreat
  • How to PRICE your Retreat
  • How to PLAN your Retreat
  • Sorting out the logistics
  • Tips on marketing your Retreat and getting in sales.



  • What to expect - Behind the scenes
  • Nurturing your clients
  • What to do when things go wrong - Troubleshooting



  • How to get winning reviews
  • The Feel-Good Factor
  • Making your Retreat SCALABLE - how can you grow?
  • Making your Retreat SUSTAINABLE - good for the planet but also so that you don't burnout!



  • All tips on hosting a Retreat in Bali (with years of experience from Sharni who has been running Retreats in Bali since 2013 and living in Bali since 2018)
  • Best locations and venues in Bali and surrounding islands - contact list
  • What visa do you need so immigration doesn't kick you out (first-hand up-to-date info)!! SUPER VALUABLE AND IMPORTANT TO KNOW!


Senaja_profile pic_testimonials

Senaja - Breathwork facilitator

"Sharni has a wealth of information to share and guide you through for your Retreat to be a success. I especially got so much from her marketing tools and tips! Sharni is a wonderful facilitator, has years of experience, and offers you so much valuable content!"

Joelle_profile photo_Testimonial

Joelle - Women Empowerment Coach

"Sharni helped me with everything that comes with organizing a Retreat in Bali. I had so many questions and have heard it could be quite challenging, but this course helped me to get clear and share valuable information. Sharni has so much knowledge in the Wellness and Retreat space, and it's evident that she has much experience in everything that comes with facilitating International Retreats. I gained knowledge in all the areas it's easy to get stressed about, and this course helped make my Retreat organizing process much smoother. I now feel much more confident and excited!"

Lucy Retreat Success Testimonial

Lucy - Corporate Wellness

"This course was SO helpful! Sharni’s strategies and templates are extremely useful. This course prompted questions I would have never even considered asking myself before. I discovered that a one size fits all approach to running a retreat is not going to attract the right people, or be sustainable over a long period of time. I also learned tips on how to sell, market and get my retreats off the ground. As well as how to ensure my retreats stay relevant to my core audience and how to support them to truly feel a difference in themselves and their business once they leave the retreat. The transparency, knowledge and insight that Sharni brings is invaluable!"

Meet Your Facilitator

Sharni Quinn started running Retreats in Bali in 2013. After then taking her Retreats worldwide and having facilitated, organized and marketed many Retreats over the years... she successfully sold her Women's Wellness Retreat business at the end of 2018.

Before starting in the Wellness Industry in 2007 as a Yoga Teacher and later as a Life Coach, Sharni was in the branding and marketing industry (in her 'previous life') and the past 15+ years in the wellness industry while starting up, running & branding her own several businesses.

Sharni has been living in Bali permanently since 2018 (and through the pandemic) and is still on the island. She not only has experience in how to set up successful, scalable and sustainable Retreats... but she has an extensive list of contacts, venues and tips on how to run Retreats in Bali.

If you are considering adding Retreats to your wellness business offerings, or wish to learn a bit more around the logistics, strategies and sales... then this Retreat Success Online Course is for you, and Sharni is the perfect guide to support you on your journey!